HAAAAAAAAAAI welcum 2 daaaaa o_O x3macine sRINE_!_!!!! U MUST B KIDDIN..

back in april 2019 is when i fell in love with my firey , BFDI!!! i still love him to this day, as a tribute i made this monstrosity called "x3machine" x3333333

shes a demon angel cat mary sue......

oh and shes dating firey wink wonkkk who wouldve guessed hmmm,

no, no one is dating firey in HER AU!! ONLY!! HER!!!!!!!! ALRIGHT?!?! NO LEAFY, NO KOINY, onley her datign firey

got it? good, bc shes a demon angel cat mary sue demigod and she WILL make you explode into glitter,,no fireoiny in her lawn, heard me?...

if you dont know what shes supposed to be shes a sphere!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

finefine you can go now

please get me out of this epileptic hellhole